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Service of final paper evaluation


It often happens that students writing their final thesis need to get an external feedback for their work or its part. During such action when other impartial person reads throughout your final paper all the inaccuracies and mistakes can be detected and revealed and most important – they can be easily corrected in order to get the best evaluation while the final paper defense. Final paper evaluation experience and competence of My Tutor appointed tutors will be a valuable contribution to your final best result.
The essence of this service: My Tutor appointed personal tutors evaluate your final paper (or a part of it) and introduce you with their remarks, comments as well as short suggestions and recommendations. Furthermore, the appointed tutor assesses the structure of the paper, thoughts enunciation, logics as well as style of writing. To sum all this up, first all the weaknesses of the paper are emphasized. Secondly, all the suggestions and recommendations on how to improve those parts and to transfer them from weaknesses into strengths are represented.
The service is offered specifically for your final paper and therefore, all the comments and recommendations are given in your working file. Once My Tutor gets your thesis (or its part) file, you will get the evaluated paper with all the comments and suggestions in 5 working days.
Evaluation service of final Bachelor thesis – 45 Eur (155,38 Lt)
Evaluation service of final Master thesis – 65 Eur (224,43 Lt)
Note: you can order the evaluation service of your final paper by simply filling in the order form in the section Order.