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NGO "My Tutor" is working in environmental friendly way


Besides the activities related to higher education, the NGO „My Tutor“is promoting other public initiatives that aim to improve the quality of our life.  “My Tutor” is encouraging everyone to work in a nature friendly way. In our work we try to apply all possible ways that save the environment. Here are some of them that “My Tutor” is already using:


- In our activities there is almost no use of paper – most of “My Tutor” services are provided in electronic way. Such environment saving method is also very useful for our clients – it is hard to find anyone who would not write his/her final thesis using a computer.
- We always try to use the final thesis paper for a second time: for drafting notes, comments, and short jottings, we even underlay the used material on the floors when painting the walls, we make hats-ships for suntrap, we flex the paper planes etc.
- When it is possible we print on both sides of the paper, and till we can read – we print two papers on one sheet;
- We sort the paper garbage and recycle it.
All these are only few ways to work in environmental friendly way that you also can use. But maybe you know more? Definitely, share your experience with us by writing to and we will publish your opinion and suggestions in this section.