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Project "Empowering the Learning - Discovering the Rights“


NGO My Tutor has successfully applied for the grant from European Union Education and Culture Directorate General program "Youth in Action" and got the subsidy to implement the project "Empowering the Learning - Discovering the Rights“.
Summary of the project
The Training Course “Empowering the Learning – Discovering the Rightsaims to develop the capacity and to train 24 youth workers in the area of Human Rights Education, Learning through/about Human Rights and with a strong multiplying effect by developing the skills of a HR Educator.
The project will have a balance between informative and experimental sessions. There will also be an important focus on European realities, by meeting representatives of European institutions based in Moldova. In frame of the project, participants will have as well the opportunity to explore and to develop their training competences and put them into practice by creating sessions and projects within the Youth in Action Programme.
The main topics to be explored in the project are going to be: Human Rights Education, Facilitating and Training competences and Youth in Action Programme.  
The Training will be run in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, in July, 2010, having on board 24 participants as a result of a cooperation between 4 programme countries (Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, France) and 4 EECA countries (Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia ).