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A CreACTive Approach For a Better World, APPLY NOW
NGO My Tutor has successfully applied for the grant from European Union Education and Culture Directorate General programme "Youth in Action" (Action 3.1) and got the subsidy to implement the project "A CreACTive Approach For a Better World“.
Summary of the project: The Training Course “A CreACTive Approach for a Better World” aims to explore the concept of social entrepreneurship as an innovative way to solve social problems using entrepreneurial skills and youth voice. The project will focus on the concept of the social entrepreneurship in general and will bring a specific scope on the entrepreneurship skills, leadership and management, needs, problem analysis as well as funding and financing - all being explored in the context of youth organizations and volunteering. In this way the training course will serve as a platform for young entrepreneurs learning how to build a better world in a healthier environment and diminish poverty in spite of using traditional and outdated practices, employing creative youth initiatives and promoting social entrepreneurship.
When: The training will be implemented in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, on 15-22 October, 2012.
Aim: To explore the concept of social entrepreneurship as an innovative way to solve social problems using entrepreneurial skills and youth voice. 
Working methods: Daily plenaries, followed by Questions & Answers sessions; Interactive and creative workshops; Practical simulation games; Open Space Technology; Meeting with facilitators and managers of social entrepreneurship in Chisinau; Debates; Intercultural & interactivity games and non-formal learning. Project language: English.
Target group: Young people and youth workers from various social groups that are active in their organisations and wish to gain more skills and knowledge in entrepreneurial thinking and approach. It is expected to target around 30 young people in the age of 18-30, participants coming from 11 organizations from EU (Lithuania, Poland, Spain, Italy, Austria) and EECA (Moldova, Georgia, Belarus, Turkey, Ukraine, Armenia) region from rural and urban areas. 
More information about Project venue, travel reimbursements, Agenda and other important issues can be find in the Project information pack.
How to join: we have 3 open places for Lithuanian participants. If you are interested in participating in this TC, please fill all requested information in the application form and send it back to Indre, e-mail: before 20 September, 2012.