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Price of an individual plan

Our service is combined of several stages that are matching the structure and the whole building process of a good final thesis. Despite its field and topic, every paper can be brought to appropriate parts or sections. My tutor is making every such part of the final paper as an individual planning stage. Therefore, after starting to work together with our organization all of our clients receive a clear plan of final paper arrangement. After then, the plan will be controlled and consulted by appointed supervisor of My tutor.


The service consists of five main parts: Topic Actualization, Paper Organization, Colloquiums, Proofreading and Defense.

My tutor is not dividing the final theses according to complexity, length, uncommon or ordinary etc. Every paper is consulted under the best practices and therefore it is not divided into separate groups that would define the price.
Taking into consideration a high fixed quality of the service the price for the service is fixed:

Service of personal tutor for final bachelor thesis
155 Eur (535,18 Lt)
Service of personal tutor for final master thesis – 245 Eur (845,94 Lt)