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Several important advices
START – if you still have not started to write your final Bachelor or Master paper, start it now!
GO DEEPER – read, go deeper and be interested in your planned topic. Read articles, researches, comments, journals and reports – approximately 10-15 such publications per week.
FORWARD LOOKING – follow also other areas that are similar to your research topic. A little look to other side can bring you to meet different/new ideas and/or help to avoid unpleasant duplication with already written texts and ideas.
ATTENTION – be careful while choosing methods, analysis, ideas, motivation and application. Be sure and know what do you want to say in your paper and why do you want to say this.
USE – use the suggestions, analysis and working papers of persons that were writing and researching on the topic you are now.
UNIQUE – do not assume deserts that belong to other authors. Quote them according to the rules and requirements of quotations. Your final paper will be much more valuable and earnest when you will give the tribute to the authors previously writing on the same topic. At the same time, search and follow how other authors are quoting the same thoughts in other works. This will help you to correctly interpret their minds.
DON’T GET TRAPPED – it is very easy to get affectionated and chained to the things that are already written and researched. However, during the writing process many more genial ideas can arise. Realize and implement them!
REMEMBER – when it seems that you are coming to the end of your final thesis writing you can be sure, you really have a half of it. Plan responsibly more time for the final stages of your thesis writing.
Now generate primary ideas in your head. Be creative, flexible and innovative!