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Individually practical benefits
The writing of your final paper can be compared to a big final project of all your study years. By realizing and implementing this project you will officially consolidate and legitimate your knowledge and abilities. Furthermore, by choosing to implement this project together with My Tutor you will be sure your final paper will be one of your most prosperous and successful projects. The benefit from My Tutor can be described in three simple words: scope, expenditures, time.
The scope of the final thesis is quite intimidating and hard to overcome if working without appointed personal tutor. The scope does not only mean the pages that have to be covered according to the requirements of the university – it is also all the information that is put into final paper. In the final paper all your accumulated package of knowledge and abilities has to come out. Therefore, support is needed to manage and to control such amount of information. With My Tutor you will always have your personal supervisor that will help you to manage data flow, will help to logically structure your paper structure and thoughts. Your personal tutor will also help you to manage a big scope of proof-reading material as well as to prepare a good final presentation.
Your final thesis scope will not be the most serious problem because working together with My Tutor for you appointed personal tutor you will:
-         Plan and manage not the amount of final thesis pages, but the result – unique and qualitative final paper;
-          Write all your paper as well as every part of it thoroughly and properly;
-         Accomplish empirical research with no major difficulties and will obtain real, correct and useful data for your further analysis;
-          Leave the proof-reading struggles for professionals of My Tutor;
-         Properly answer the topic of your paper and will not restrict yourself with any secondary work;
-         Structure and write comprehensive bibliography list that meets the highest requirements.
The expenditures of final thesis mean all the expenses that are related to administration of your project. Working together with My Tutor you will not need any extra visits to other supervisors because all the process will be managed by your appointed personal tutor. You will not need to buy or search for any additional material about thesis writing process, thesis defense or exercise of empirical research process. Moreover, you will neither need to buy any particular complex statistical software nor any project administration software. Your personal tutor will help you to decide on which empirical research method would be most effective and would require least expenditures. It does not matter whether you are writing your final paper in Lithuanian, English or German languages, your appointed personal tutor will accomplish your paper proof-reading, language style or logical corrections. Finally, you will not need to buy external help – My Tutor will help you to reduce all the additional expenditures to the minimum.
The management of time is one of the most important elements in the process of final paper writing. Like in every project – in your final paper writing too – time planning determines the future result. It is essential to correctly and effectively allocate your available time thought the overall thesis writing process. In other words – properly plan available time resources as well as to follow and manage the whole process according to the defined plan. Your personally appointed tutor will create your individual paper writing plan and will assure that the plan is being followed.  
These are only some of the service aspects that are offered by My Tutor. All the rest of the services could be put into the slogan:
My Tutor – your personal tutor – will help you to create a unique and quality proper scope final university paper that will require minimum of expenditures while properly managing time resources.