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We are providing consultation services on higher education thesis writing. We are specializing in theses written in English and Lithuanian. We are collecting and constantly renewing literature and material for planning, writing and improving the theses. We also gather all the coherent information and adapt best practices in the consultations. We are striving to create full-scale database for thesis writing issues that will be open to everyone who may need it. We are organizing various events dedicated to higher education system improvement and development. We administer and participate in organizing social science research and surveys. We are putting a lot of effort in trying to improve the higher education system in Lithuania. We are cooperating and sharing best practices with other institutions and organizations that exercise similar activities in Lithuania and abroad.


Our enthusiastic and competent team members have a clear vision on how to be your personal tutor. We present you a few of their thoughts:

That's a great idea to offer such a service. Too many people need help and don't get it from their professors because they are all too busy with doing other things like earning money in the private sector. Its also better to offer help writing a thesis by oneself then using one of the services that illegally provide you with a written thesis. Its always better to know "I did it myself". Help is nothing bad- the contrary: if one ask for professional help its a sign for a strong personality and the insight that nobody is perfect. Also working in a team on a project is very fruitful because of many different experiences, perspectives and inputs.
My tutor will help you to find your own ideas and to go your own way - to achieve something to be proud of.
Nico Rausch, M.A.


Specializes: Communication Science/ Social Science, Political Science, Education Management, Project Management