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Service components

An individual plan of personal tutor is created for every client of My tutor. The quality of plan implementation and deadline meetings are closely watched and controlled. The content of service is clearly measured and evaluated. Therefore, it will always be clear for you what have you got, what are you getting and what you will get yet in any stage of the service. All parts of the service are performed electronically as fast as it is possible and not later than in two working days.


A consultative service consists of the following steps:

- Management of the final thesis writing process (constantly);
- Formulation of definite and clear paper topic, hypothesis, aims and tasks (up to 2/3  consultations);
- Shaping of paper structure (up to 1/2 consultations);
- Formation of empirical research hypothesis (up to 1/3 times);
- Coordination of population, imtis and other indexes of the empirical research as well as          coordination of empirical research process (up to 2/3 times);
- Proof-reading of every part and the whole paper (up to 2/4 times);
- Coordination of defense preparation (up to 1/2 times);
- Planning of thesis defense presentation (PowerPoint file) as well as organization of structure,    logics and style of the paper (up to 1/2 times);
- Practical thesis defense seminar (up to 1/2 times).

Note: the slash in brackets distinguishes between bachelor and master theses.