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Attention to proof-reading

Some members of the defense commission make their impression on final papers while only looking at the structure and order of the paper. In order not to let some little mistakes or language style inadequacy to disturb the jury to positively evaluate your final thesis, it is very important to reserve enough time for whole paper correction, structuring and proof-reading.


 There is a lot of literature and books that advise the writers on where to fix attention, what techniques and methods to use while writing their final research. If you search on the Internet, you will also find many Lithuanian organizations and companies that work in fields of correction and proof-reading. However, the proof-reading of higher education final research papers has its own character that differs from ordinary texts and papers. In addition to this, one may pay a solid amount of money for one bachelor thesis proof-reading service. Here My Tutor can be indeed helpful for you in this case. My Tutor will help you to avoid additional expenses as well as incompatible risk that can appear while using several providers of service.
There is not too much Lithuanian literature on proof-reading of higher education final thesis. Another problem that can occur is the backward-looking aspect of the existing material. My Tutor is referring to various highly recognized and recommended foreign authors that are working and writing in this field. One of the main contributors in My Tutor work is John G. Taylor and his book The Handbook of Written English. Second Edition (John G. Taylor (2005), How To Books, Oxford, UK. 482 p., ISBN 1-85703-986-6).