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Attention to proof-reading

Some members of the defense commission make their impression on final papers while only looking at the structure and order of the paper. In order not to let some little mistakes or language style inadequacy to disturb the jury to positively evaluate your final thesis, it is very important to reserve enough time for whole paper correction, structuring and proof-reading.


How to organize and to prepare a good presentation?
It usually happens that during thesis defense most of the commissioners will have not yet read your paper, rather hurriedly looked over the introduction that, of course, cannot make proper impression on your final paper. Therefore, it is very important that you make this necessary impression – and the best one - during your defense process. It is a big challenge ant a big opportunity at the same time to present in rather short time your topic that you have been developing for several months. In the same short presentation time you should show your confidence in your thesis as well as to prove how it is important in scientific aspect. Moreover, you can show that all the information presented in your paper is useful, correct and logically explains the solution of your raised problem.
Several important advices
START – if you still have not started to write your final Bachelor or Master paper, start it now!
GO DEEPER – read, go deeper and be interested in your planned topic. Read articles, researches, comments, journals and reports – approximately 10-15 such publications per week.
FORWARD LOOKING – follow also other areas that are similar to your research topic. A little look to other side can bring you to meet different/new ideas and/or help to avoid unpleasant duplication with already written texts and ideas.