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The topic actualization is one of the most important stages in the whole paper writing process. In this stage external help is needed. Therefore, it is vital to have an objective and competent person from outside for not one-time discussions and consultations. After disputing many courses of paper writing during this discussion the most relevant and logical way for thesis writing is found. Without precisely actualized topic the writer is condemned to fluster in writing process, to jump from thought to thought and to create incoherent paper. Theoretically, all these actions should be done by the university assigned tutor; however, many students could testify a lack of such consultations. University assigned tutors are too busy either to participate in paper structuring or paper writing processes. In most usual cases the assigned university tutors only put their required signature just before the final stage of thesis writing – the thesis defense.

My tutor team understands the importance of his thesis writing stage and therefore it devotes quite a big part of its service. Strong foundation is very important for encompassing all work results as well as for following the Red Line. The Red Line is a particular line or road which is followed during the whole writing process in order to create an integral, logical and finished paper. In the stage of topic actualization the topic of the thesis is brought to the point where there are neither more ambiguities nor uncertainty.