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Constant management

This is constant stage of the whole paper that cannot be accomplished only at the beginning or the ending. There always appear many question and remarks during the process of writing the paper. Furthermore, it is impossible to foreseen the whole process from A to Z. Therefore, it is usually common to correct papers’ structure and task or simply to differentiate used information sources. Moreover, it is always important to follow the agreed timetable. The latter is important in order not to end up in a situation when there is no more time for thesis writing and the paper becomes hastily written.

My tutor team will accommodate you with suggestions for good organization of your paper. My tutor will prepare preliminary thesis writing timetable for every individual client case. The timetable will be useful for both you and your personal tutor. Your personal tutor will control whether the timetable is followed and you will be able to know in which stage of your paper writing process you are. According to this timetable the transitional reviews as well as separate paper writing stages will be made. In addition to this, you will be able to check whether you are falling behind schedule or overtaking it. This will enable you to properly dispense available time resources. Last but not least, the timetable serves as a thesis preparation time line. If being followed, your main aim is to be seen – with help of your personal tutor created unique and quality final paper.