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What is the scope and ammount of one consultation?


The services of My tutor are determined in several consultations. In this way My tutor services can be identified and controlled. The scope of every consultation differs according to different parts of the final paper. For example, the proofreading consultation is called to be proofreading of the style, grammar, punctuation, logics, and structure as well as editing of the whole paper (or its part). Another example could be paper structure consultation that could be called the whole of discussions and consultations. Its result is the confirmation of the structure of the whole paper. After the latter consultation you paper will have a clear structure.
Every consultation is designed for achievement of desirable result, i.e. to meet the constant aim (to formulate the topic of the paper, to formulate the structure, to manage the empirical research etc.)
The amount of all consultations or its performance will be foreseen in the agreement.