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If you have any further questions about My tutor and its services, the answer could be found in the menu Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.). If you did not find the needed answer here, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail and we will be glad to send the answer personally to you.

What does My Tutor different compared to university tutor?


First and most important, My Tutor does not forget you and helps you during all your thesis writing period. My Tutor is accomplishing all its duties according to the terms and conditions indicated in the agreement. My Tutor will not be able to pretend having many students and not having enough time for you personally what is usually said about university tutors. Our consultations will be performed qualitatively and quickly (not later than in two working days).
My Tutor is personally taking care about the process of thesis writing and supervises that all the terms and deadlines are taken into consideration. My Tutor is not allowed to provide less service than it is foreseen in the agreement. In the agreement there is usually foreseen only the main part of all the consultations. However, during the process of thesis writing many additional question and need of consultations arise and My Tutor will be helpful here.
The quality of My Tutor consultations can be easily controlled because everything that one can need for a good and qualitative final paper writing is indicated in the agreement. In addition to this, the agreement also refers to the method the unfulfilled consultations are compensated.